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Own and control your data

Data is an incredibly important issue – both from an operational and from a legal point of view. In keeping with the market players' growing understanding that all data owned by an operator should also remain under the control of the operator, AVIATION DataHub was set up to become the independent platform for the entire aviation industry.

AVIATION DataHub offers a secure, highly efficient and neutral solution for data services. Our mission is to leverage synergies in digitalization across the industry and to simultaneously ensure data protection. In this way, AVIATION DataHub is a further milestone on the way to a digitalized aviation industry.

AVIATION DataHub benefits

  • Secure, efficient and neutral
  • Open to the entire aviation industry
  • Safeguarding airlines' independence
  • Enabling optimum analytics and fulfilment solutions
  • Basis for comprehensive applications and associated products
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You own your data

Ultimately, data forms the basis for all digital services relating to aircraft operations. This data is owned by the respective operator and should remain under the sole control of the respective owners. AVIATION DataHub ensures data security, quality and integrity while giving owners efficient control of their data. 

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It's your decision

AVIATION DataHub will benefit all market players and generally addresses airlines, software services vendors, MRO providers and OEMs. In particular, AVIATION DataHub enables airlines to decide freely whether and with whom they want to share their data – be it for the technical support of aircraft, the improvement of ground handling, or technical and flight operations. Customers are able to process their data independently and therefore compare offers from different providers of data-based services. 


Adding value behind the data

By giving control and choice back to the respective data owners, AVIATION DataHub serves as an enabler to ensure competition for data driven products and consequentially for fulfillment solutions in the aftermarket. This is only possible through an independent and neutral positioning in the market and with a comprehensive, highly efficient and secure offering of data, platform and infrastructure services for airlines, MROs, OEMs and software vendors. 

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AVIATION DataHub is designed for airlines, aircraft and component manufacturers, MRO companies, data providers and providers of digital products and solutions such as AVIATAR. While Lufthansa Technik currently holds the major stake in the company, other shareholders and strategic partners from the aviation industry will join in the near future. 

Aviataion Datahub

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Jan Stoevesand

Managing Director

AVIATION DataHub GmbH| Hamburg, Germany

Aviataion Datahub

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Nikolaus Koerner

Managing Director

AVIATION DataHub GmbH| Hamburg, Germany